The Assassination of Julia Marsh

Scratch That!The Assisination of Julia Marsh 2

Written by Xana Marwick
Directed by Caitlin Skinner.
Sound / performance by Geraldine Heaney and Peter Lannon.
Julia Marsh played by Nicola Roy.
Presented as a 10 minute work in progress at The Imaginate International Festival Scratch That! event in June 2017.
The play began life as monologue for the Village Pub Theatre earlier in the year. It told the story of a woman who had been sexually assaulted many times as a young woman, so many in fact that it had seemed normal to her (#MeToo anyone…) and now she was taking her revenge through online hacking.
The version we shared at Imaginate was something quite different, a mystery about a young hacker stuck in a room receiving mysterious gifts and being controlled by a sinister male voice that comes via her headphones…
‘interesting subject and a compelling scratch. Hope you get to make the full work – young people need this kind of theatre.’ (from audience feedback)
Photos by Jassy Earl.

Scratch That!The Assisination of Julia Marsh 7