2010 – Baton. A performance by teenagers, for you! A coming of age, verbatim performance created for children and including live drumming, dancing and trampolining. Work-in-progress performed at Imaginate Autumn Exchange.

Longlisted for the Oxford Samuel Becket Theatre Trust Award.

Created by  Dougal Marwick, Xana Marwick, Clare Stephen,  David Tinto and Katy Wilson.

Created and Performed by Ross Donnachie, Hannah Jo MacKinlay, Tom Palmer and Hannah  Wade.

The Marshmallow Test / Forest & Shunt.


2009 – The Marshmallow Test, work-in-progress short, devised performance at Forest Fringe and  the Shunt Vaults, London. Focussing on ‘what happens if you present a sound installation and a performance simultaneously’.

Created and Performed by Xana Marwick, Dougal Marwick and Katy Wilson.

With support from North Edinburgh Arts.