NESTS by Xana Marwick.

A co-production with Frozen Charlotte Productions.

Rehearsed reading as part of the Imaginate International Children’s Festival (delegate programme) 7pm, Tuesday 31 May, 2016.

NESTS is a magical realist play that exists somewhere imaginary but familiar.

A boy on the run.
A listening crow.
A man who wants to be lost.
‘You’ve chosen to take yourself away from things but me, I’m invisible.’
Each of us should have someone looking out for us. Each of us should have someone who takes responsibility for us. Each of us should have someone who loves us. But we don’t.

Developed during the Dissection Room Residencies at Summerhall with support from Eleven and conceived during a mentorship with the Playwrights’ Studio Scotland.

Crow realized there were two Gods-
One of them much bigger than the other
Loving his enemies
And having all the weapons.

From Crow’s Theology By Ted Hughes



A collaboration with playwright Morna Pearson, Psychologist Professor Elizabeth Austin and Suzy Glass.

We are currently in the research and development stages of the next (and final?) stages of this long term Stadium Rock labour of love.

Watch a short film by Geraldine Heaney here.